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We have perfected a system to ensure the safety of your Dota 2 accounts during the boosting process. Some of the methods we use to ensure maximum privacy & security are: Using a very premium VPN. Using Offline Mode.
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yeeeeeeeeeees! All our boosters are recruited after being tested, investigated about and verified to be legitimate people that deserve to work with us, their only job is to professional and get your MMR boosted period. In addition to this Steam Authenticator notifies you if anyone tries to trade from your account. Which means your inventory is totally safe. You are also welcome to trade over all of your Dota2 items to a different account whilst the Dota2 boost is in progress.
Dota2 requires a Steam Account with Dota 2 Profile, Reaching at least level 13 in the game, and not being in a Low Priority Queue.
Yes, our handcrafted members area allows you see your order details, track your order status, chat with your personal booster, report a problem & open a ticket in case you need assistance, and it allows you to leave a review for your booster which will be posted publicly on the website and on the boosters personal page.
Once you have paid for the boost, make sure you register on our site and then log into your account. You will receive a confirmation link by email to create a new account if there is no account registered to your email. After you are logged into your account, you will customize the details for your service. Once you’ve customized your order, the service is ready to begin.
You can play on your account during a boosting service, but please be sure that the booster is not logged into your account AND your order is paused. Please refrain from playing the specific ranked mode you purchased, as this conflicts with the services we are providing.
MMR Boosting is basically one of our boosters going into your account or duoing with you from another account until you reach your desired rank in Dota2. Our Dota2 Boosters will not stop until you get there.
When you first get started playing ranked mode in Dota2, your rank will be unranked, and you play 10 placements matches to determine what will be your rank. Callibration Matches Boosting in Dota2 make sures you land at the highest rank possible by guaranteeing at least 70% win ratio in your placements matches.
Low Priority Boosting is basically winning a few games in the normal queue for you to remove the Low Priority status in Dota2 to make sure you get back to enjoying your ranked games as soon as possible.
Dota2 Coaching is very simple to understand yet very effective, one of our extraordinary high Rank Dota2 Coaches will talk to you for an hour or more, watching your replays, pointing out your mistakes, explaining how to fix them, provide their intel on the current meta, and generally telling you how to up your game in Dota 2and possibly boost your own rank without having to get someone to do it for you. This option is best used if you would like to avoid the other Dota2 MMR Boosting options.
Flexboosting offers a 24/7 support f through our customer support via the live chat at the bottom right corner, you can also email us all your questions at, we are blazing fast in replying back to your emails.